Resume Examples

Before and after examples from Leet Resumes showing how even "nice-looking" resumes can set you back in telling your story.


Pretty format leads to deadly errors:

• 3 columns break resume parsers
• Email unclickable
• Missing Github, shows LinkedIn
• Too few technologies mentioned
• Visual skills graphic doesn't parse
• Solid block paragraph summary
• Lacks numbers
• Location / remote preference missing
• Actual data is only 25% of space
• Too many sections
• Vague wording

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Clear, legible, straightforward is best:

• Shows Github and location preference
• Details technologies known
• Clear format is easier to read
• Clear format is easier to parse
• Actual data uses 50% of space
• Normal size font is easier to read
• Be explicit about titles you'd accept
• Each bullet point shows numbers

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DIY resume leads to confusion

• Copy and pasted job description
• Modern readers won't read paragraphs
• Too few numbers
• Passive verbs about duties
• Engineer's job performance is missing
• No indication of desired job titles
• Not very persuasive

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Streamlined resume is very effective

• Data-driven bullets attract attention
• Numbers detail performance on the job
• User's target job titles help focus
• Scannable professional summary
• Bold text highlights important elements
• Success verbs focus on outcome
• Behavioral interview cues
• Professional summary provides context

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